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Kamis, 21 Agustus 2008

Mascot 101 Training Course

This 8 week online sports Mascot Training Course is designed for sports and entertainment companies who need to hire, manage and train mascots in addition to those individuals who want to break into the sports world as a mascot performer. Having a great mascot helps you grow your team name in the market place and also enhances the quality of the fan's entertainment experience. A mascot is an ambassador for your organization; a great mascot program will understand the importance of a quality wardrobe, having the right props & accessories and how to develop routines that are specialized for a variety of occasions and events. Mascots build fan loyalty, help sell tickets and can enhance sponsorships. If your team has a mascot, they can improve, if you don't have a mascot, you need one!

At the end of the Mascot training course, you will be able to uniquely design a successful turnkey mascot program that, once implemented, immediately starts a "return on investment".

What should teams look for in hiring a mascot performer? How can the mascot program build revenue for your venue? If you are the mascot performer, what do you need to know to be the best in the business? How do you make a living at being a mascot performer?

You should take this course if:

* Your team or program doesn’t have a mascot and you want to implement one
* You are a mascot coordinator or you have the responsibility of overseeing a mascot program at your team, club, league, or school
* You are a marketing manager that wants your message and brand to rise above the marketplace
* You are already a performer who wants to learn from the best and you are looking to re-energize your performance.
* You are a young performer, just starting out and want to learn how to get started
* You are an entrepreneur that is looking for a new business opportunity


Mascot 101 is for:

* Skilled character performers
* New character performers
* High School & University performers
* Professional performers
* Spirit Coaches
* Game Day Operations Managers
* Mascot Coordinators
* Marketing Managers
* PR Directors
* Business Entrepreneurs
* Small business owners
* Volunteer performers who want to improve
* Hiring Personnel who need to know how to evaluate a mascot and insure quality, safety and security

Mascots are iconic characters that hold enormous value with their fans, customers and organizations. Mascot 101 training includes an in-depth character branding program. A character should build a strong identification and recognition for your team and your brand. A successful and profitable mascot program needs educated marketing support. What is your team’s message? What is the logo? Who is the target audience? This is where the furry fun starts. How do you increase sponsorship opportunities with your team mascot? What is the business side to having a team mascot? How do you schedule events and appearances for the mascot? What mascot activities are crowd pleasers? In this course you will learn the mascot tool box of tricks and entertainment for an evening of fun at a losing game. Fan entertainment. Morale boosting fun, energy, excitement, audience interaction. Money making made fun!
Mascot Training Course includes:

* How to build a full character branding plan
* The business side of the mascot
* How to realize unrecognized revenue
* Character marketing best practices
* Building a mascot sponsor package
* Protecting against liability
* Identifying, screening and hiring a great performer
* Creating a memorable performance
* Physical Fitness and Nutrition
* Nonverbal communication skills
* Costume care and repair
* How to create skits and routines
* Using props and wardrobe
* Spontaneous crowd interaction
* Using music and dance to enhance character performance
* How to develop a live appearance program
* How to harness the Power of Fun

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