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Sabtu, 14 Juni 2008

Gita, The Achievement, and New Album

Aluna Sagita Gutawa or that more was known by us with Gita Gutawa, was born in Jakarta, on August 11 14 years ago.
Gita was the singer pop classic, that better understood the world of music since still the child, because of Gita personally was the child from the big Indonesian composer namely Erwin Gutawa.
This time we will discuss about the achievement and the second Gita album that will be released in not again old time. Gita that also often had the achievement in the academic field, once the duet by Ada Band in the song that Terbaik Bagimu.
Moreover also had performed a duet with the singer sholawat Hadad Alwi, in the album of Street Cinta 2.
In his age the 13 years gita released his album featured GITA GUTAWA as an editorial (self title).
In this album of Gita that claimed did not want "mendompleng" the greatness of the name of his father, brought one of the work songs of Sarah Silaban, with Andi Rianto and Pink-Pink.
The sale of the girl's album that was quick-selling as the star of the advertisement model succeeded in gaining Awards Platinum by achieving the sale more than 150 thousand coffees in 4 months then.
That afterwards took himself as the Singer the Newcomer Be The Best or Terbaik in AMI Award Album 2008.
The girl who just gained the public's champion in the 6th International Nile Children Song Festival (INCSF) in Cairo, Egypt, also tried the world of acting through the short film AJARI AKU CINTA and AJARI LAGI AKU CINTA. Meski many offers, Gita that still was busy this school did not often develop his talent in the world of acting.
After gaining 3 appreciations in the Gift of Musik Indonesia, currently the Gita Gutawa turn gained the appreciation in SCTV Music Award 2008 as the Album of Pop Solo Terfavorit.
The "first album that brought the blessing," said Gita Gutawa about his album that featured Gita Gutawa as an editorial.
"This victory was the appropriate surprise" continued Gita.